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Find the Right Location For Your Barber Shop

By: Scott McBride - Updated: 19 Jan 2024 | comments*Discuss
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Finding the ideal business location is crucial if a barber shop is to thrive. Choosing the perfect spot to start up can be a bit of a balancing act, as the location has to be convenient for customers and employees yet not too expensive.

Many businesses can prosper regardless of their location, but a barber shop relies heavily on passing trade so the location is of critical importance. The main priority is finding a business location that will guarantee a steady stream of customers through the door.

A barber shop has to be in an area where it can be seen by enough men in need of a haircut. A city centre or town high street premises is ideal but the cost of these prime spots will be prohibitive and start-up businesses will have to look elsewhere.

Target Customers

Think about the make-up of the chosen town or city and about the type of customers the barber shop has to target. If there is a college or university in the town there can be a steady supply of well-groomed young men in need of a regular haircut. Perhaps there is a suitable business location near to student residences or lecture halls that will cost less than a high street shop but may prove just as profitable.

Office blocks can be a great source of men in need of a haircut and, by tinkering with opening hours, a barber shop can cash in at lunchtime and early in the evening once offices have closed. Remember too that neighbouring shops can help attract customers. A shop’s neighbours and its location will affect the image of the business and good quality shops nearby can boost a barber shop’s passing trade.

Steer Clear of Rivals

Some businesses, in particular certain retailers, can thrive with competitors nearby as this can attract more customers to an area, but a barber shop should not be too near any rivals. Of course, even if a particular location is miles away from the nearest barber shop, there is no guarantee that a rival will not move in at some time in the future. The best way to avoid this happening is by getting in first and establishing a strong business that will make any potential rival think twice.

The location of the barber shop will have a major impact on the cost of running the business, but the extra cost of securing a prime location may be justified. Use market research to find out how much money the business will be able to generate in various locations and select the most profitable one.

A busy location with good road and public transport links and a wide range of local facilities will make it easier to attract and keep employees as well as customers. If employees do not live within walking distance of the premises they may want to drive to work, so ensure there is plenty of affordable parking nearby. This will also allow more customers to come from further afield in cars.

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